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Scandinavian Biopharma

Scandinavian Biopharma is a Swedish research-based biotech company specialist in marketing and sales of vaccines, immunoglobulin’s, biodefense, antidotes and diagnostic tests.

Research and development is mainly focused on development of a new oral traveler’s diarrhea vaccine in collaboration with PATH Vaccine Solutions and University of Gothenburg.

Scandinavian Biopharma announces great progress in the development of ETVAX® as well as a strong organic growth for the distribution business


Scandinavian Biopharma can look back on a very successful 2018! The company was granted 7,4 million Euro from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) for testing the protective efficacy of the ETEC vaccine candidate ETVAX® in children below five years of age in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The distribution business achieved a […]

Scandinavian Biopharma welcomes Dilek Merdol as new head of Quality Control (QC)


Scandinavian Biopharma continues to expand and has now recruited Dilek Merdol as new head of QC. Dilek has a PhD in infectious biology and has 20 years’ experience in R&D and laboratory operations. She comes from a position as manager in the unit of ​​Clinical Microbiology at Karolinska University Laboratory. “I am looking forward to […]

Scandinavian Biopharma announces the last follow up visit in the phase IIB clinical trial with ETVAX® in Finnish travellers to Benin


In record time Scandinavian Biopharma completed a phase IIB randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in Finnish travellers going to Benin in West Africa. All participants have now been enrolled and the last travellers left Benin in March 2019. The last follow up visit was conducted just before Easter. In total 743 healthy travellers, between the ages […]